Second Sunday – 2:00pm – Skeptics between the Covers (book group)

Edinburgh Skeptics’ book group meets upstairs in the Counting House, West Nicolson StWe read “books of interest to Skeptics”.  If you don’t like fiction because it’s made up, or if you are underwhelmed by Richard and Judy’s book of the month, this may be the book-club for you.

What books do we read?

We read fiction and non-fiction, the guiding rule is that the
books are of interest to a Sakeptical readership.

We also read books written from a Woo point of view, but we
reserve the right to critique with extreme sarcasm.

We avoid covering the same topic (eg religion, alt med,
parapsychology) twice in 3 months.

We avoid reading same author twice in 6 months.

We don’t read fiction twice in a row.

Who chooses the books, and when?

Anyone at a meeting can volunteer to choose a book, and we give
priority to new members and then to existing members who have not
already chosen a book. If you choose a book, then you should make
every effort to be at the meeting where your book is discussed.

Book are announced two months ahead to give everyone up to 8 weeks
to read the book; so you need to volunteer three months ahead to
give yourself time to make your choice and announce it at the next

In practice, this means that if you are at the January meeting,
then you’ll find out what the March book will be, and you can
volunteer to choose the April book.

Practical considerations

Books should be low cost (certainly under a tenner) and available
(ie several for under a tenner incl p&p from Amazon resellers).

It’s a definite plus if they are available electonically or as
audio books.

They should be less than 300-400 pages.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you have already read the book
you choose.