Review – Clio Bellenis – Transferred Stigma: Psychiatric Drugs, Prejudice and the Placebo Response.

Clio Bellenis

Clio Bellenis


I wasn’t sure what to expect from Dr. Bellenis’ talk. Something about the talk’s title, ‘Psychiatric Drugs, Prejudice and the Placebo Response’ suggested it wasn’t going to be the usual debunking of ‘x, y and z’ that I [guiltily] enjoy so much. And actually, very pleasantly, it wasn’t.

Dr. Clio Bellenis – a practicing psychiatrist- gave a…shall we say, passionate talk about the perceptions held of a much over-looked aspect of metal illness, and that is the, ‘Transferred Stigma’ (to quote Dr. Clio) surrounding both psychiatry and the drugs it prescribes.

We were treated to an hour of ‘mythbusting’ (trademarked???) about the preconceptions, misconceptions and unjustified anger directed at the practice of psychiatry.

More than happy to answer any question or clarify any point from her talk, Dr. Clio surely left everyone attending, with a more enriched view about the critical -albeit sometimes pragmatic- approach and hard work psychiatrists devote to their field.

David Hastings


Clio kindly provided the references for her talk.

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Clio Bellenis at the Banshee Labyrinth

Clio Bellenis at the Banshee Labyrinth