Review – Richard Wiseman – Adventures in Wonderland: A Personal Perspective

Richard Wiseman

Richard Wiseman

Skeptics on the Fringe started its 2012 run with Professor Richard Wiseman.

The evergreen stalwart of the British skeptic scene entertained a capacity crowd in the Banshee Labyrinth with demonstrations of illusions and anecdotes. His task was made harder by technical problems in the venue, but he made up for it with an animated and entertaining show.

He demonstrated how magicians take advantage of our perception to perform disappearing coin tricks, and how mind reading tricks can be done with a pack of cards; a large part of it involves coming up with a fake explanation of how the trick is done to misdirect the audience. He finished with a handful of stories from his book [amazon asin=0330511602&text=:59 Seconds] and even had time to take questions from the audience at the end.

Credit must also be given to the evening’s host, Ash Pryce, who succeeded in keeping the audience’s interest during the technical hiatus with stories of Edinburgh’s history, witch-burnings and psychic frauds.

Terry Rodgers