Poetry at the Science Festival? Edinburgh Skeptics Gets Its Own Poet-In-Residence

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EDINBURGH, UK – Edinburgh Skeptics’ contributions to this year’s Edinburgh International Science Festival have a new unusual way to open – line and verse recited by their new poet-in-residence, Stephen Lingham. A frequent performer at Edinburgh’s various poetry slams and open mic nights, Stephen has performed relevant, moving and hilarious poems at previous Edinburgh Skeptics talks, and will be opening each Skeptics at the Science Festival event with an on topic composition. Topics include bitcoin on Thursday April 9 (with an opportunity for audience members to try bitcoin themselves), an interactive evidence-based hustings on the 14th, and the secret world of bats (with real live bats in attendance!) on the 16th. “We like to bring Science to the Arts festival with Skeptics on the Fringe so we thought it would be good to bring Arts to the Science Festival, oh and our Science Talks are good too” said organiser Ben Makin. Something for everybody at this April 9, 14 and 16 at Skeptics at the Science Festival.

Stephen Lingham

Stephen Lingham performing


What: Edinburgh Skeptics’ lineup for the 2015 Edinburgh International Science Festival.
Price: Free! (Donations accepted to cover costs)


THURSDAY APRIL 9: A Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin, Dug Campbell
7:30pm-8:30pm followed by Q&A (doors open 7 – seating is limited so be sure to arrive early)
The Banshee Labyrinth, 35 Niddry St, Edinburgh EH1 1LG (18+ venue)
Bitcoin and other “crypto-currencies”: alternative to banks or medium for criminals and tax evaders? Dug Campbell discusses the story so far in the real world and is giving you the opportunity to try bitcoin out yourself. Dug Campbell runs the Scottish Bitcoin Meetup (www.meetup.com/Scottish-Bitcoin-Meetup) and founded the Scottish Bitcoin Conference. He regularly speaks at events and provides press commentary around the disruptive potential of crypto-currencies, in addition to exploring how blockchain technologies will change society over the next few years. He also blogs regularly at www.dugcampbell.com. Read more on Meetup.

TUESDAY APRIL 14: Pre-Election Special – Evidence Based Hustings
7pm (doors open 6:30 – seating is limited so be sure to arrive early)
Teviot Row House Debating Hall, 13 Bristo Square, Edinburgh EH8 9AJ

Your chance to pose some questions and challenge the answers in this pre-election special at Edinburgh University’s historic Teviot Row House Debating Hall. Whether or not you can make it down to the 400 seat venue, the event will be live-streamed on DemocracyTV Scotland at democracytv.scot in a manner similar to C-SPAN in the US. Read our separate press release or read more on Meetup.

THURSDAY APRIL 16: The Secret World of Bats, Tracey Jolliffe
7:30pm-8:30pm followed by Q&A (doors open 7 – seating is limited so be sure to arrive early)
The Banshee Labyrinth, 35 Niddry St, Edinburgh EH1 1LG (18+ venue)
Come along and be amazed by all of the wonderful things there are to know about these elusive creatures. Presented by microbiologist Tracey Jolliffe, with real bats in attendance, so you can get a close up peek! Tracey Jolliffe is a microbiologist working in the NHS, who has presented many talks and posters at a national level. Outside of work, her life (and home) is filled with bats. She is an an official, card carrying, slightly fanatical, bat lady. Her spare room houses a bat hospital which admits sick and injured bats from across Scotland. She often takes poorly bats everywhere with her in order to feed and medicate them, and so as not to alarm her colleagues and friends, will have them hidden about her person. Read more on Meetup.

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