Skeptics on the Fringe – 2011

A round of Devil's Advocate - Skeptics on the Fringe 2010

A round of Devil’s Advocate 

Our second season of Skeptics on the Fringe saw us turning away people almost every night from our season of talks At the Fringe of Reason.  

We also presented our panel game Devil’s Advocate every lunchtime, and held two sell-out events at the Royal Observatory, and ran a new skepical walking tour Medical Mysteries and Scientific Shenanigans as well our established Skeptical Ghost Tour: Ghosts Busted. 

Reviews of Skeptics on the Fringe 2011

“Three solid weeks of skeptical events. Danger! All of your illusions will be scoured away, the flamethrower of reason will turn all your generous delusions to ash, the bones of reality will be unclothed and exposed…”
Pharyngula – P Z Myers

“Betjeman praised Edinburgh as “the most beautiful of all the capitals of Europe”. If you can arrange to be there next August support Skeptics on the Fringe; it’s not only interesting and stimulating, it’s fun and it’s free.”
Skeptic Magazine

Speakers and topics At the Fringe of Reason 2011

  • Helen Arney, Steve Mould & Matt Parker: Festival of the Spoken Nerd: Big Stuff!
  • Professor Paul Braterman: The Illusions of Intelligent Design
  • Alex Buque: Mind Tricks
  • Professor Dorothy Crawford: How Bugs Travel: From Local outbreak to Global Disaster
  • Rob Eastaway: How to Win a Maths Bet in a Pub
  • Professor Chris French: Meaning and Randomness: Seeing What isn’t There
  • Peter Harrison: The Science of Lucid Dreaming
  • Dr. Shona Hilton: The Media and Public Health
  • Alun Hughes: Placebo: A No-go or Go-go
  • Professor Richard Knight: Homeopathy and Neurology
  • Jennie Kermode: Gender Identity in Modern Society
  • Iszi Lawrence: Experiences of an Awkward Atheist
  • Keir Liddle: The Myths of Mental Illness
  • Dr. Steve Makin: From Atkins to Acai Berries
  • Michael Marshall: Bad PR
  • Stuart Ritchie: The Science of Porn (Or Evidence Based Masturbation)
  • Gordon Rutter: A History of Talking to the Dead
  • Alice Sheppard: Citizen Science
  • Miss Twist: The Clothes Maketh the Man?
  • Dr. Caroline Watt:The Psychology of Precognitive Dream Experiences
  • Professor Richard Wiseman: Paranormality: Why we see What isn’t There