About Skeptics on the Fringe

Richard Wiseman is a Skeptics on the Fringe regular

Richard Wiseman is a Skeptics on the Fringe regular

Skeptics on the Fringe 2016

This year we bring you Undiluted Brilliance.

Homeopathy claims its strength comes from diluting active principles to the minutest degree. We prefer our brilliance full strength. Come for the full force of our speakers’ genius.

This is our seventh year, bringing Science, Reason and Critical Thinking to the world’s biggest Arts Festival by presenting a different free talk every night on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

With 4* reviews from Broadway Baby and Three Weeks, we’re a recognised part of the Fringe, and as a winner of Skeptic Magazine’s Ockham Award for Skeptical Outreach, we’re an established part of the Skeptical calendar too.

#SotF16 serves three broad principles:

  • Outreach to people who don’t normally identify as Skeptics

Our audience includes fringe-goers who want a break from stand-up, people who are interested in the particular topic, “returners” who enjoyed previous talks and our regulars who come throughout the year.

  • Supporting diversity and grassroots skepticism

We have always introduced new speakers as well as hosting “big names” of the skeptical movement and seeking out expertise from academics. We support speakers who are under-represented such as women or who are from minority groups.

  • Lowering the barrier for entry

All Skeptics on the Fringe events are free.  You just need an enquiring mind or interest in the topic. No one profits but Skepticism as a whole.


Skeptics Queuing outside the Banshee Labyrinth