The Science Behind the Fiction – Investigating with DNA on-screen and off

Dr Tunde Huszar  – The Science Behind the Fiction – Investigating with DNA on-screen and off-screen. 

Crime investigation drama series are ever so popular. We all enjoy watching the chase, but some may wonder how much of it is real, if any. Do these shows change how we think of DNA when it comes to real life crimes? Had fiction raised our expectations from science unrealistically or had it simply foreshadowed the future?

If you have ever caught yourself guessing if the episode of C.S.I. you have just watched was more fiction, than science, come and listen to this talk.
You can learn about the limits of real life Gil Grissoms and Horatio Caines when using DNA evidence in investigations; you will also have a chance to peek into the future, to have a feel how far these boundaries can be pushed with novel techniques.

Tunde obtained her Master’s from University of Szeged, Hungary, and specialised in forensic genetic identification. Her passion is DNA forensics, as a DNA analyst she had experience with casework using DNA as an investigative tool. Her current research project at the University of Leicester, is about how to apply the newest technologies to forensic genetics.

This event is part of the Edinburgh Science Festival. The event is free and not ticketed. Accepting a Meetup invitation does not guarantee entry. Please ensure you get to the Banshee in good time to ensure a seat.