Skeptics Cinema and Sci Screen Presents: Restless Natives

Restless Natives is a film about working class Scots living outside the law in 1980s Edinburgh, but the comparisons with grittier, slicker fare like Trainspotting end there. This is a resolutely gentle, unchallenging film, more akin to Gregory’s Girl or Local Hero. Will (Friell) and Ronnie (Mullaney) are broke, and as Ronnie says, “without money you can’t do anything”. There are no jobs in 1980’s Edinburgh for them that are worth doing. Ronnie is forced to work in a joke shop selling plastic poos to horrible little tykes while Will’s Dad (Hill) is constantly berating him for preferring to mooch around the house all day rather than pick litter for the council. Their solution to the problem is to don novelty masks from Ronnie’s joke shop and take to the isolated roads on a motorbike. Setting themselves up as modern day Rob Roy’s, holding up coach loads of tourists armed with nothing more than a plastic gun. Will even manages to pick up a sweet girlfriend (Lally).

Before the movie, Kate Turnbull, Corporate Press Manager of VisitScotland will be giving a talk on the impact of tourism in Edinburgh and on Scotland’s economy.