Lies, Damn Lies, and MRIs: The search for truth-telling

Dr Faye Skelton – Lies, Damn Lies, and MRIs: The search for truth-telling

The ability to spot a liar is a useful skill, but of particular importance for police officers and other professionals working to establish the truth. It can save time and other resources, and help increase the chances that a perpetrator is brought to justice. From expert human lie detectors to high-resolution fMRI, there exists a variety of techniques and technologies available to law enforcement agencies, but can any of these methods reliably spot a liar? In this talk, Faye Skelton explores some of the psychological research putting lie detection methods to the test, and asks whether any are significantly better than the layperson’s tricks and tools.

After completing her PhD at Lancaster University, Faye lectured at the University of Central Lancashire, where she taught applied cognitive and forensic psychology for ten years, before taking up her lectureship at Edinburgh Napier in December 2014.

Though her primary research interests are in face recognition and police facial composites, she is interested in many other aspects of forensic psychology, including lie detection, false confessions and recovered memories, and eyewitness memory.

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