SotF – Peter Naish – Real Hypnosis and False Memory

Sunday 3 August 2014, 7:50 pm - 8:50 pm
At: Banshee Labyrinth, 29-35 Niddry Street, EH1 1LG

Peter Naish

Peter Naish

Unsurprisingly, given the wild claims made about hypnosis, many people are deeply skeptical about its alleged powers. At the same time, others see it as a key to unlocking faithful accounts of long forgotten events. In this talk, Peter will endeavour to turn both these positions on their heads.

Peter has had a long-term interest in the nature and impact of hypnosis. Nominally retired, he continues to carry out research and to publish on the topic. He is also an enthusiastic science communicator, last speaking for us in the Banshee Labyrinth in April this year.

As Immediate Past President of the hypnosis section at the Royal Society of Medicine, and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the British False Memory Society, he is well placed to present this skeptical offering.

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