Edinburgh Skeptics Committee 2012-2013

The Ed Skeps 2012 / 2013 committee is now in place.

  • Keir Liddle is President, representing us in the press and within the greater Skeptical community and operating the sound desk at the Banshee.
  • Ben Makin is Chair, and will concentrate on spreadsheets and checklists and continue with the website.
  • Ewan Leeming is Treasurer, a shoe-in for a maths grad.
  • Jo Hockey is Secretary, in a continuation of the quietly effective admin she’s done throughout.
  • Terry Rodgers looks after our print media design, enabling us to present a professional face to the world.

The Committee are helped by:

  • Ben Turner, coordinating the pub quiz and helping with our online PR.
  • Richard Rogan, organising the the book group.

We have roles for other volunteers; contact Ben Makin if you would like to be more involved.

Many thanks

We have lost the regular help of Ed Skeptics Founder, Ash Pryce, of former Treasurer Alison Metcalfe, of former Press and PR Officer Linky Grey, and committee member Stephen Makin.

Ash founded Ed Skeptics in 2009 and his energy and irreverence were driving forces through the first three years of our existence; Alison transformed us from an organisation with cash in a bucket to one with cash in the bank. We simply would not be here as a Skeptics society without Ash and Alison. Linky kept the Scottish and Skeptical media informed about our most successful Fringe to date, and Steve‘s experience with other volunteer groups brought gentle sanity to Committee meetings and some rather worrying surgical anecdotes.

Our grateful thanks go out to all of them.

Back to the future

Our focus during 2012/2013 is on what we do best: the Skeptics in the Pub talks throughout the year, our talks in the Science Festival and our events during Skeptics on the Fringe. Ben Turner’s and Richard Rogan’s contributions mean we can still field a Pub Quiz team and have a monthly Book Club. Behind the scenes, the committee will also work on becoming more organised, so we can do bigger and better events.