Book Group – what we thought of “The Barefaced Messiah”

Richard fails his personality test

Richard fails his personality test

So Sunday afternoon…

Great fun at the book group. Ray suggested reading ‘The Barefaced Messiah‘ about Scientology  and he brought along a selection of Scientology books, an e meter (really) and some correspondence from L Ron Hubbard. The discussion ranged from ‘What makes a Cult?’, ‘Why anyone would believe this rubbish?’, ‘Why people join a cult’, ‘Is skepticism a cult?’, ‘Why anyone can join a cult’, ‘Does growing up religious make you more susceptible to cults?’, ‘What psychiatric diagnosis would fit L Ron Hubbard?’, ‘How people have (allegedly) died in Scientology from their anti-psychiatric things’.

After the book chat we enjoyed another coffee and a gossip about all things skeptical.

We agreed that we’d change the venue to Spoons Bistro for next month’s book group. February’s book is ‘The Invisible Gorilla‘ and March’s book is going to be Sway, the Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behaviour available from all good bookshops as well as the worryingly tax efficient international corporation named after a large river.

Review: Stephen Makin
Photo: Jo Hockey