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… all rational thought brought me to the conclusion that AC Grayling was in The Jam House on Friday night. As part of the Edinburgh Skeptics show, this philosopher/philosophy professor gave a fantastic presentation!

The Jam House blog
writing about A C Grayling, August 2012

10th August, 2012
About Peter Harrison’s talk

Loving the edskeptics fringe science this year. Incredible additiosn to the festival. Turing folk should check out.

9th August, 2012

I wanted the show to go on!  I could have sat there for another three hours and listened to this brilliant man speak…. I believe that I speak for everyone in the room when I say that we were all fascinated and impressed.   After our applause and his departure from the stage, the room was buzzing with amicable debate and enthusiasm.

The Jam House blog 
on our “Evening with Edzard Ernst” there August 2012

I should just up and move to Edinburgh – Scotland seems to be a pretty cool place, and every year they have this Skeptics on the Fringe event, which looks awesome. Fabulous speakers and interesting topics…and here I am, trapped in the barren western wilderness of Minnesota this weekend.

Pharyngula – P Z Myers
26 July 2012

 The Edinburgh branch of Skeptics in the Pub are an active bunch. For the Science Festival they had a series of five lectures, regrettably I was only able to attend one and that was Charles Paxton talking on a statistical look at Nessie…. No conclusion was reached as to whether or not there is a monster there, but the lecture provided a user-friendly look at how statistics can be applied to evidence. There followed a fun chat in the pub afterwards as well.

The Fortean Times
May 2012

From speaking with the judges, I now know that the single thing that struck us all most was the sheer volume and quality of work that you all do for no financial reward and in your spare time, quite often with your own spare cash.

The Skeptic Magazine Awards 2011
8th February 2012

I’m particularly looking out for free events, so I’m really pleased to see that ‘At the Fringe of Reason‘ (talks organised by Edinburgh Skeptics) is coming back to the Banshee Labyrinth – I loved it at the Fringe and I’m really keen to see the programme!

Edinburgh Science Festival 2012: what looks particularly amazing
7th February 2012

There are really only two strategies to cope with what is known to festival goers as ‘Fringe fomo’ (fear of missing out). The first is to ask someone next to you in any queue (no shortage of these) ‘what’s the best thing you’ve seen?’ The second is to cut the Gordian knot and go see the shows put on by Skeptics on the Fringe…

Gerard Phillips - President of the National Secular Society
The Skeptic online
25th October 2011

Edinburgh will be hosting Skeptics on the Fringe in August — three solid weeks of skeptical events. Danger! All of your illusions will be scoured away, the flamethrower of reason will turn all your generous delusions to ash, the bones of reality will be unclothed and exposed…I expect people will come staggering out of Scotland at the end of August with eyes like lasers, burning with the unholy light of truth unmasked. Someone might want to alert the local fire department.

From the land of Hume
Pharyngula, P Z Meyers
26th June 2011

The great and the good of the skeptical sphere intermingled with less well known but highly interesting speakers in a series of lectures and panel discussions… the Skeptics on the Fringe is a must attend event.

Patrick Redmond
Birmingham Skeptics
27th July 2010

Not only have I enjoyed the talks, but I’ve also been glad to get to know the organisers and other skeptics in the pub afterwards.

Festival science
Knot your average sheep…

24th August 2010

Very quickly, seats appear to be scarce. Sceptics are perching on spare stools, plonking themselves on stairs, even sitting cross-legged on the floor to see this. The atmosphere is charged with a mixture of bon-homie and quiet anticipation.

Dario Battisti reviewing the talks by Matt Parker and Simon Singh
The Twenty-first Floor
13th August 2010

The Edinburgh Skeptics in the Pub are putting on this astonishing ambitious array of events …. they’re all well worth seeing.

The Not-Quite-So-Friendly Humanist
13th August 2010

Speakers’ comments

Thank you so much for inviting me this evening, I had a great time, and you attract such a wonderful crowd.

17th August, 2012

 Martin Poulter Tweets

12th August, 2012

Honoured to be asked to speak at Skeptics on the Fringe. They blow me away, every year. What a bunch.

9th August, 2012

I've loved so many other events and conferences, but this is the UK's best skepticism event, in my opinion

6th August, 2012

In the News and on the Radio

What is the lasting value of science festivals? Kier Liddle talking about Skeptics as Science and Arts Festivals

BBC Radio 4, Material World
28 March, 2013

Out of the labs, into the pubs – Report on the 10:23 events in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and interview with Ash Pryce about Skepticism in Scotland.

BBC News, Scotland
9th March 2010

Photo spooks experts in hunt for ghost of Tantallon Castle – ‘Alex Pryce, chairman of the Edinburgh Skeptics group, had a very straightforward explanation for the figure in Mrs Lamb’s photo. “It is a woman in a pink jacket coming down some stairs with a shopping bag,” he said.’

The Scotsman
1st April 2009

Is this another ghostly image caught on camera at Britain’s most haunted castle? - And the write up in the Daily Mail. (Question: What is the difference between “a ghostly image” and “an image of a ghost”?  Just asking.)

The Daily Mail
1st April 2009

Sceptic tours aim to put a nail in coffin of city’s ghost myths – Report on Ash Pryce’s Ghosts Busted tours, complete with the total fiberoonie that Ash had “tried to set up tours in the city before”.   Ghosts Busted is now a regular part of Skeptics on the Fringe.

The Scotsman
23rd March 2009

Podcast Appearances

PODCAST: Stephen and Ben Makin chat to Richard Saunders about QED 2013 and Skeptics on the Fringe

The Skeptic Zone 31:30
13th April 2013

PODCAST: Richard Saunders and Maynard chat to Ben and Steve Makin from Edinburgh Skeptics about their talk, “Where’s the Harm” – traditional, complementary and New Age treatments and practices.

Richard Saunders
The SkepticZone
8th September 2012

PODCAST: Richard Saunders sits down with some of the people behind the Scottish Skeptics and finds out that they do much more than just look for lake monsters! – Alison and Keir on Skepticzone

Richard Saunders 
The SkepticZone
17th March 2012

PODCAST:  Dr Rachie Reports: Interview with Ash Pryce and Keir Liddle from Edinburgh Skeptics


The Skeptic Zone #140
25th June 2011

PODCAST: Ash Pryce appears on Episode 8 of our satirical comedy podcast. With questions on skeptical topics, and four guests answering them. Your host is Andy Wilson (@InKredulosi) of the Merseyside Skeptics Society.

InKredulous – Episode #008
21st January 2011

PODCAST: We kick off with Ash Pryce of the Edinburgh Skeptics. Sorry about my slight warble but Ash is as lucid as ever. Find out about their phenomenal plans at

Birmingham Skeptics – Phlog
July 2011

PODCAST: BadCast Episode 17 - Patrick Interviews Ash Pryce and Keir Liddle

Badcast Podcast
24th June 2010

PODCAST: Enlightenment 4 – He Slimed Me

In the fourth episode of our “Enlightenment” series of podcasts we’re taking a journey into the spirit world to explore Edinburgh’s claims as “Europe’s most haunted city”. Are there really paranormal entities under the streets of Auld Reekie, rattling their chains and assaulting unfortunate passers-by with wads of ectoplasm, or are there more Earthly explanations?

The 21st Floor
10th May 2010