There are two ways to raise a complaint:

  • Raise it immediately with an Edinburgh Skeptics Committee member at one of our events. You can find us because we wear lanyards. We will try to address your concerns there and then if we can.
  • Email explaining your complaint. Attach anything you think is relevant such as screenshots. We will reply telling you when to expect a more detailed response.

What happens when you raise a complaint by email

The Edinburgh Skeptics Committee will acknowledge your complaint quickly, investigate what happened, meet to discuss it, decide on future actions and get back to you.

Our aim will be to

  1. understand what happened
  2. improve how we do things

We will respond in detail as soon as we can, but we are volunteers working in our spare time and if your complaint involves investigation it may take a while to complete this. We will get back to you after the next committee meeting which takes place on the first Thursday of each month.


We will respect your confidentiality. This means we will only discuss the full details within the Committee and the relevant details with anyone you are complaining about.

We may need to withhold confidential details about another person from you, for example someone else’s personal or medical circumstances; this means we may not give you a full explanation of our decisions.


Edinburgh Skeptics aims at being an inclusive group, supportive of all aspects of diversity including neurodiversity. However we are a social group and are not trained in providing specialist support. We are human and with the best will in the world we may sometimes make mistakes. When that happens we always try to learn from our mistakes and move on.