Edinburgh Skeptics is run by dedicated volunteers. If you are new to the society or interested in helping out please get in touch or come along to one of our committee meetings which are held in central Edinburgh on the 1st Thursday of each month.

Ewan Leeming
Chair & acting Treasurer
Ewan Leeming @champnav
Lottie Hayes
Lottie Hayes @loris_gu
Ben Makin
Website, Social Media,
Fringe Co-ordinator

Ben Makin @BenMakin42
Diane Waugh
Speaker Liaison
Diane Waugh @bletherskite
Committee-Bethany-TurnerPub Quiz, Illustration & Design
Bethany Turner
Terry Rodgers

Event nights:
Dawn Gyles
Andy MacLeod @Nailest

Social Media:
Andy MacLeod @Nailest
Martin Gallagher @MartinGsq

Ash Pryce @AshPryce
Lloyd McAlpine
Alex Buque @excitablecell
Keir Liddle @Endless_Psych
Former Committee Members
Linky Gray @LinkyGray
Dawn Gyles
Joanna Hockey @Jo_hockey
Stephen Makin @WoollyMammoth
Alison Metcalfe @dalradian