The Edinburgh Skeptics Society was founded in 2009 to promote reason, science and critical thinking in Edinburgh and Scotland.

We are a non-profit association dedicated to providing events, talks and performances aimed at the skeptical community of Edinburgh, throughout the year and during the Science and International Arts Festivals. We are proud to draw on the tradition of critical thinking and skepticism embodied by Hume and the Scottish Enlightenment.

We are run on a shoe-string by volunteers whose critical thinking skills are drawn into question by the amount of unpaid spare time they put in.

We host a variety of regular events ranging from the family-friendly Skeptical Days Out to our monthly Skeptics in the Pub talks and socials.  We are happy to co-present one-off events of interest to Skeptics. We co-ordinate a  full programme of talks and shows during the Edinburgh Festival and the Edinburgh Science Festival.

We also active online: see our Resources page for links to blogs and websites.