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Every month, Edinburgh Skeptics hosts a talk, a discussion group and a pub social night, and we have a lively Facebook Group.

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Coming Events:

Skeptics at the Cinema - movie night with a sceptical tinge.

Held by Edinburgh Skeptics Society on 28 May 2015 7:15 PM

We are hosting our inaugural cinema evening, showing movies in the big screen at the Banshee. The movies will have a theme that most sceptics will find interesting and will hopefully promote a conversation. First up is Agora, a tale of love, relig... Read More

Skeptics in the Pub - Inside AA: Can God Cure Alcoholics?

Held by Edinburgh Skeptics Society on 11 June 2015 7:30 PM

Alcoholics Anonymous is a media endorsed and popularly recognised remedy for problem drinkers. Yet while AA’s social worth is rarely challenged its efficacy rate, estimated by some to be less than 10%, appears comparable to that of sponta... Read More

Skeptics Underground: Automation, why we don't work a 2 day week & #BullshitJobs

Held by Edinburgh Skeptics Society on 14 June 2015 2:00 PM

Will greater workforce automation mean we need to work less and have more leisure time, will it mean different jobs, or will it result in greater poverty? How many of us do jobs that contribute nothing to society or the economy?

Feel free t... Read More

Skeptics at the cinema - movie night with a sceptical tinge

Held by Edinburgh Skeptics Society on 25 June 2015 7:15 PM

Our second movie night is showing The Ledge. A movie written and directed by Matthew Chapman, a descendent of Charles Darwin. It features Liv Tyler, Charlie Hunnam and Patrick Wilson in a love triangle involving a battle of wits, moral codes, fait... Read More